Friday, June 28, 2013

The Story of Profit Clicking - a MUST-READ for ALL Profit Clicking Members

The Story of Profit Clicking - a MUST-READ for ALL Profit Clicking Members 

 First of all, you do NOT need to read or understand this document - you simply need to take advantage of your current situation and participate in Ad Click Xpress and use any funds from Profit Clicking provided to you over the next few weeks to strengthen your advertising success and commission earnings in Ad Click Xpress - the sky is the limit in Ad Click Xpress.

 In any case, the following should outline in sufficient detail for most members what happened to Profit Clicking (PC) and why Ad Click Xpress (ACX) Owners decided to purchase it. Here's the Story The original, extremely successful and popular advertising and business opportunity called JustBeenPaid (JBP) started appealing to the masses in January 2010 and reached its peak in about August 2012.

About this time, Frederick Mann decided to implement a much needed renovation - JustBeenPaid was to become the new Profit Clicking, with multiple income streams and more opportunities for everyone. This plan could have worked magnificently, if not for some major factors that were beyond the control of the company, plus some major blunders that were admittedly, but unintentionally induced by the management of the company - and some of them are outlined below.

 The Migration from JBP to PC when the site was not ready JustBeenPaid analyzed its current situation and decided that out of an abundance of caution, it would be better to operate under Profit Clicking's business model; however, this huge task was to be completed much earlier than was originally expected. The unexpected early migration began in July of 2012 into the new site, Profit Clicking. The site template was far from ready, as all programming needed to be put in place, which was not an easy task for a website with millions of members and millions of lines of code to rewrite, all while the program was still in full operation. The anticipated completion of becoming fully functional was projected to be only one to two months. When such a huge change in a business occurs, it is common procedure for larger businesses (like Profit Clicking) to examine and pass over numerous documents and legalities.

Unfortunately, the time involved will always be multiplied when there are technical changes and improvements needed. In any case, the prediction of being back to 100% operation in a couple of months proved to be a huge understatement. Management was not experienced with the indefinitely sustainable system Part of this plan included new management, who were to bring about all the changes needed for this complete overhaul and coordinate all aspects of the Profit Clicking system.

 As most people probably do not realize, the JustBeenPaid program had an extremely complex formula that made it so successful - only Frederick and a few people on the planet know what this mathematical configuration is and how it works. The Profit Clicking management, while always having the best intentions, sincerely believed that they understood how to make the gears mesh as they should. Understanding the system would have fulfilled the plan to transform the JustBeenPaid's well-oiled machine into Profit Clicking. Unfortunately, the inexperienced management did not fully comprehend the system and some significant mistakes were made; in fact, some mistakes were overlooked for weeks or even months before they were realized.

The ProfitShift was not performed in a timely manner The very most important component of the JustBeenPaid program was the Restart Feature, called the ProfitShift in Profit Clicking. This mechanism was put into place by Frederick Mann to make its aggressive compensation plan "indefinitely sustainable". This Restart Feature was proven to be extremely powerful and separated JustBeenPaid from all high yield business opportunities - they basically always failed after a few months, their members losing any compensation they were expecting to collect. However, timing is extremely critical when initiating a Restart - triggering it too soon or too late could lead to devastating financial consequences.

 Frederick Mann knew how to use the restart in the most effective manner; however, PC Managers could not effectively manage these variables, which ultimately caused the system to become out of balance and no longer viable. Negative press and the steady decline in sales The migration of JustBeenPaid to Profit Clicking in September 2012 made members doubtful. Also Zeek Rewards was closed by U.S. Authorities, causing members to panic around the world.

The ProfitShift of PC in November 2012, although necessary, caused even more adverse publicity. Sales of advertising and promotion of the business opportunity decreased dramatically. This resulted in members not being able to withdraw their commissions consistently, ultimately causing a downhill spiral. Payment processor troubles Even before the closing of Liberty Reserve in May 2013, ProfitClicking experienced major theft from some individuals associated within this payment processor. In addition, accounts of JustBeenPaid and PC were simply blocked without apparent reason. Alone this one payment processor, Liberty Reserve caused significant hardship and significantly decreased the ability of Profit Clicking to pay member commissions, to the tune of about ten million dollars.

 Failed Premium System Due to Delayed Scheduling of ProfitShift The second system in Profit Clicking, called the "Premium Ad Package System" was introduced and predicted to assist in paying the large commission backlog of the other, still operational "Basic Ad Package System". Although initially not accepted, the Premium Ad Packages became a huge hit and did the job to begin to rescue the Basic System, and revenues were then available to pay the members However, the timing of when and how to perform a ProfitShift was again greatly miscalculated by management - there should have been a ProfitShift for the Premium System about three weeks earlier than when it indeed occurred.

 The inexperienced management was focusing on new features and income streams for the membership when they should have been paying attention to this most critical part of the system. What now? The ultimate result of the misfortunes mentioned above was for Profit Clicking to come to an end - but how to do this without causing suffering and hardship on the membership? Many members were expecting significant rebates and commissions from the system's compensation plan, but they simply never happened.

 The new owners of the company, Ad Click Xpress have graciously agreed to honor those who still consider themselves to be "out of pocket" and treat the membership with the respect due to them, but in exchange for the entire Profit Clicking system - the member database, servers, the indefinitely sustainable software of Frederick Mann, and all key staff needed to run the operation.

Now, to ensure that mistakes of this magnitude are avoided in the future, Ad Click Xpress has agreed to retain Frederick Mann as their Senior Consultant for strategizing the success of the members and the company - millions will be able to survive and thrive in the new world, as a result of following Frederick's simple-to-work programs.

 Let's Go! We are grateful that so many of our members have been willing to follow Frederick's example, and not give up on dreams that are ultimately possible. Many companies have required restructuring in the last few years and are now some of the most successful companies in the world - General Motors is probably the one most are familiar with. The point is, don't be afraid to help ACX with your new advertising purchases - you are also helping the company on the way to the future and more importantly, you are building your own future. Building wealth and happiness, Your ACX Leadership Team

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Ad Click Xpress migration

Welcome to all our new members! That's right, Ad Click Xpress is on its way to becoming the biggest, most successful advertising and home business web site the Internet has ever seen, just like it's big brothers and sisters, Click Paid and Profit Clicking, and like it's big daddy, JustBeenPaid, the best program the Internet has ever seen!

 Ad Click Xpress is the fourth money-making program of its kind to use the indefinitely sustainable financial model of the original program, JustBeenPaid - and many, many lives have been changed for the better! Today ACX topped the revenue of what Profit Clicking has been doing for weeks, and we expect it to proceed to much higher heights over the next days and weeks - keep in mind that even the Premium System of Profit Clicking made very significant progress in a very short period of time in Profit Clicking, and we are planning on doing some of the same things to stimulate the growth of ACX starting during the next few hours - read more below.

 As of today, you can now see which of your referrals have migrated over to ACX - just log in to ACX and click on "My Referrals" to see which ones have gotten the news about ACX and which ones might need an E-mail from you, as many members tend to believe your input before they believe what the company tells them - it's FREE to migrate to ACX, and ALL expected earnings from Profit Clicking are projected to be assumed by ACX owners - this is really great news! Here's some great news for you!

Within a few hours, you'll be able to use part of your Profit Clicking Basic System Funds to make purchases in ACX, just like we did in Profit Clicking when the Premium System was released - this is huge, because revenue grew like crazy, and members LOVED it! When the change has been made, simply log in to Ad Click Xpress and click on "My Ad Packages" to buy your advertising packages, as many as you can afford, and we'll let you use your PC Basic Funds for up to 10% of your purchase! In addition, the ProfitShift for the Premium System is already being worked on - expect those results by the end of the week - then Ad Click Express will be zooming again!

 We're doing everything we can to make your ACX experience the best it can be - now its just up to you to take full advantage of ACX's benefits, making it possible for just about anyone to make a living online. So if you haven't migrated over to ACX yet, please do so now, and then contact your sponsor for further guidance - they also have a huge vested interest in making ACX as successful as possible. Start by logging in to Ad Click Xpress at Also, if you have seen E-mails from some members saying they know special or advanced information about ACX, it's not a scam letter - we have a new group of members called the VIP Group.

 If you want to be a member of that group, simply ask yourself what you can do to become successful with Ad Click Xpress and make a plan for that to happen! Hint: these member have the highest level of participation in the previous programs, whether it be through funding or promoting. It is important to encourage all your referrals to also migrate over and check out the new site. They will see that their Basic balance will migrate over as well. This is excellent news because of the new "10% Rule", where you can buy 10% MORE ACX Ad Packages using the Basic balance in combination with your new funds in your ACX wallet. So take full advantage of the new, Ad Click Xpress Advertising System! Earn by buying Ad Packages In ACX, you can earn up to 20 cents per day during the week for every advertising package you buy. And you can earn up to 10 cents per day on the weekends (Saturday and Sunday) for every advertising package you buy. You can receive daily earnings on each of your ad packages purchased, until they reach a maximum of $15 - that's up to 20 cents per day per ad package, and you are allowed to buy up to 25,000 ad packages!

 Here are some examples: Purchase Price Earn Back $10 $15 $100 $150 $1,000 $1,500 $10,000 $15,000 $100,000 $150,000 It's up to you, how much you earn, and this method of earning is totally easy - simply view other member web sites, only a few per day! Get started today, by logging in at Just accept the new ACX terms and conditions and get started today!

Big Commissions for Promoters Earn Up to $5,000 a Day per first level referral and up to $2,500 a Day per second level referral, just by promoting your web sites to others, and we teach you how to do it! That's without even buying any ad packages! Yes, you have to do something that you might never have done before, by telling other people about this business opportunity, but it's quite easy once you see how we teach it.

This system sells itself so people will sign up under you very easily. Start learning how to promote online, today - it's a great way to secure your financial future! And get ready for all the enhancements to the user experience at Ad Click Xpress: Okay, we're ready to serve you!
 Very Important Information Follows The Ad Click Xpress Test Drive will benefit all Members who create their Ad Click Xpress accounts for the first time.

By seeing that "$10 free test drive" in their Ad Click Xpress accounts, they can immediately buy a Ad Click Xpress Ad Package and start earning! It's very easy to make money with Ad Click Xpress! Working for Your Wealth and Success, Your Ad Click Xpress Success Team P.S. We challenge you to find any program that's easier to make money with than Ad Click Xpress. P.P.S. Ad Click Xpress is likely to become "the program everyone in the know joins." If you join immediately, you can tell your friends and contacts about it -- before they join under someone else.