Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Adclickxpress news and last update

Welcome new members to ACX. By joining ACX,
you are now counted among the Best Affiliates in the
Best Online Advertising Company in the world!
Congratulations to you all.

What Makes ACX The Best of The Best?

The answer to this question is simple; it's the
simplicity of making money with the ACX Systems.

1) Paid 2% a Day: When you buy ACX Ad Packs
($10) and Media Packs ($5), ACX pays you back up
to 2% a day in Daily Sales Commissions until you
have been paid a total of 150% in approximately 88
days. Ad Packs pay you $15 and Media Packs pay
you $7.50. Simple! It's not rocket science. You are
paid back an additional 50% on the money you spent
on Ad/Media Packages. If you spend $1,000 to buy
Ad/Media Packs, you'll get paid back $1,500. Simple
to do, simple to understand, simple to plan, simple
to earn!

2) Earn by Viewing: Earning up to 2% a day on
Ad/Media Packs is simple; view or watch Advertising
Websites or Media Uploads (photos and images in
Phase 1) every day. Depending on how many
Ad/Media Packs you purchase, you will be required to
spend from about 2 to 10 minutes a day "working" at
your ACX business - really it's not work at all. It's
simple, and it's a lot of fun viewing funny and
entertaining Media Uploads.

3) Indefinitely Sustainable: Yesterday we experienced
perhaps the most important feature of the ACX System,
the XpressShift (restart). This is a simple feature that no
other companies have (that we know of). In order to
keep the ACX System financially fit, a "shifting" of
liabilities on the Ad/Media Packs side moves some
of the packs that pay the Daily Sales Commissions
to members and puts them into the Ad Panels
(soon Media Panels as well) side for payment at a
later time. Without this simple solution, ACX would
be like all the other online money-making programs,
simply GONE!

4) Share with Friends & Family: We realize that
recruiting New Members is a difficult task for most
people, and for that reason, "sponsoring" is NOT a
requirement to earn money at ACX. We make it
simple to earn without recruiting, and for some people,
that is enough. BUT we have also made it simple to
SHARE ACX with the people you know and love.
Because nearly everyone on planet earth has a
smartphone or computer, the new Media Xchange
system is designed so ANYONE can share it with
their "warm market", i.e. the people closest to them.
In this new Media Xchange, ACX Members earn their
Daily Sales Commissions by viewing funny photos
online (soon entertaining videos and music). Since
most people already do this activity anyway, who can
resist making good money while doing it? No one!
It's simple to share!

5) Systems, Success Tools & Support: Everything
you need to succeed is found at ACX. We have the
earning systems in place, marketing tools to reach
the world, support staff and leaders ready to guide
you, the withdrawal systems available 24/7, six pay
processors to handle all transactions, all at the next
great gathering place for like-minded people who
want to improve their financial circumstances while
doing good to others by constantly sharing their
knowledge of ACX. Success Creates More Success!
It's simple!

6) Restoration Initiative: We know many former
members of Profit Clicking and Click Paid have been
hurt due to circumstances beyond their control. We
knew this when we purchased those companies, and
we knew we wanted to help restore confidence and
faith that all is not lost for them. ACX Members who
have migrated from PC or CP all have some money
in their wallets, and we want to offer them a chance to
access some of that money so they can get whole
and get on with their financial dreams.

A Restoration Initiative is coming very soon, which will
give all PC and CP members who are out-of-pocket a
portion of their PC/CP wallets to buy any products
ACX has to offer; Ad Packs, Ad Panels, Accelerator
Upgrades, Media Packs and Membership Upgrades.
It is our hope that this money will convince you once
and for all that ACX Executive Team always has the
best interests of our members at heart. What is best
for the member is always what is best for the company.
We are protecting the company so we can protect our
members. It's simple really!

Another part of the Restoration Initiative is to offer
members who are whole an opportunity to exchange
their PC and CP wallet balances for Ad Packages or
Media Packages if they so choose. There are still
some former PC and CP members who need a little
nudge, by way of a financial stimulus, to re-engage in
taking control again of their financial futures. More
information regarding the Restoration Initiatives will be
coming shortly.

Now, of course there are other things we could
discuss in this Company Update like…

... Earning a $5 Reward for Uploading 10 New
Media Images:

... The Support Update for Payza users:

... The New Pay Processor PAYTOO that recently joined
the ACX program:

...but we'll wait for the next Company Update to talk about
those things AND MORE.

BUT do remember this one thing: When an XpressShift
(restart) occurs, the most important activity to do is to start
re-building your Ad Packs and Media Packs balances. We
know your Daily Earnings have dropped some - they dropped
for many members. But they did so for a reason, and that
reason is so we can keep this Xpress Train running
indefinitely. Purchase as many Ad/Media Packs as you can
afford, and keep repurchasing them with your Daily Sales
Commissions. THAT is how you maximize the ACX System.
It won't take long to reach the Daily Earnings you were at prior
to the XpressShift.

Simple enough? Good!

All Aboard the ACXpress Train Bound for Financial Freedom

ACX Executive Team